NHL delays its draft, which had been set for June

The NFL has shown no inclination to delay its 2020 draft, which is set for April 23-25. The NHL already has delayed its draft, which was set for more than two months later.

The NHL announced on Wednesday that is has delayed its Scouting Combine (set for June 1-6), its annual awards (set for June 18), and its draft (set for June 26-27).

It’s possible that the delays arise from a desire by the NHL to conclude its season, with a postseason that potentially would conflict with the draft. Still, instead of playing the waiting game (like other leagues known by acronyms that start with an N and end with an L), the NHL and Commissioner Gary Bettman moved quickly and proactively, acknowledging the reality that the COVID-19 pandemic won’t allow teams to properly prepare for a draft to be held in more than three months.

Meanwhile, the NFL currently intends to proceed with its draft in four weeks and one day. As General Managers like John Elway and Mickey Loomis openly advocate for change and other league figures potentially go on the record to advocate for delay, it will be interesting to see what the league does.